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Feb 13

Life is messy. Family, relationships, death, illness, children, spouses, and love. I often think of Siddhartha sitting by the river, knowing the intricacies of life all flow together to make the music of the universe.

When we struggle, we wonder why. As you get older, you understand the big picture. Yet, it still hurts. It’s still sad and confusing.

This year, it’s been brutal living through the pandemic. The winter in Maine is particularly tough. There’s no place to go, no one to visit, and the winter depression and anxiety take over.

There’s still so much loss in this pandemic. So much loneliness and isolation. So much sadness.

We persevere because it’s the best we can do. We listen to our inner voices, even if they are skewed by this weird year. My inner voice tells me it’s time to move to warmer weather, come what may.

Because of that, I’m moving to Southern California this summer. This is my last winter in Maine.

I’m scared of all the changes, but excited by the possibilities.

We only get one life. Better to take the chance and fail than to take the safe route and let your soul slowly die.

Wishing anyone reading this wellness and happiness this winter and always. We all deserve it.

Love, Summer Goddess

Feb 14

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! I am grateful for the love in my life. ❤️

Today was good, but hard. I let myself be lazy and I splurged on comfort food. I can’t do this too often in the winter or I’ll gain weight and feel bad about my choices.

Once in awhile it’s ok to take a break from fighting winter depression and just comfort yourself.

Sending a big hug to you. 💕

Feb 21

It’s been hard for me this year to follow my own advice on eating healthy and staying active.

I always gain weight in the winter, no matter how hard I try. Normally I’m able to lose it in the summer. This year, with coronavirus changing so many of my routines, I didn’t lose weight in the summer. I gained more!

Working full time remotely was a big shift. I stopped walking from my car to the office. I stopped walking around downtown on my breaks. I started snacking more.

I’m the heaviest I’ve even been, and in danger of gaining more weight before the winter is over.

I try to run or do yoga, but it’s hard to do it alone in a cold, dark basement.

I’m writing this down to hold myself accountable. I’m going to stop eating sweet snacks. I thought I could do it in moderation, but I can’t. I’m going to stop. Starting now.

March 25

That was quite the declaration I made about not eating sweet snacks. I lasted about two weeks.

How do you keep going when you don’t feel good? The weather is bad, my body is fatigued and in pain. But I’m a working mom. I have to do my job. I have to be there for my son.

So when I get stressed or low energy or sad, I grab something sweet.

I know the right thing to do is to have a consistent healthy routine. It’s been tough to pull that off this year. COVID-19 has added an extra layer of difficulty.

There’s been so much change and loss this year. How can I deprive myself of cookies and chocolate? Eating comfort foods is one of the few coping mechanisms I have left.

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