Winter Wellness Tip #1: Be Kind To Yourself

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It’s funny how we’re so much more forgiving and kind with others than we are with ourselves. Take it easy on yourself, you’re great!

I’ll be presenting a lot of winter wellness tips on this site. Some things you’ll use right away, some you’ll come back to at a later time, and some you won’t use at all. All of those choices are ok. Tip #1, Be Kind to Yourself, is about accepting yourself where you are.

Being kind to yourself means doing the best you can, and loving yourself even when you fall short of who you want to be and what you want to do. You can guess that winter wellness means eating healthy, exercising and getting outside, and you’re going to have days when all you want to do to is sleep in, chow down on junk food, and kick around the house in your pajamas.

I get it. I really do. Sometimes you give in to the darkness of the season and dark thoughts creep into your head. The important thing to remember is that even when you give in, don’t beat yourself up about it – that will just make it harder to get out of your funk.

Be kind to yourself, give yourself a break, and tell yourself you’ll do better when you’re able to. That’s it. Tip #1 is short, sweet, and so important, but it can be the hardest because you have to be disciplined in your thinking. 

How about that – you’ve already made it through the first tip!!

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